spams or spam bots are false and irrelevant data in Google Analytics program.
Google Analytics is a free analysis software from Google that allows one to
collect information about visitors of your website or online store and analyze.
The referral spam generated data in the Analytics account for visits and bounce
rates on your website, though these were no visitors. That is, there is traffic
displayed when none has happened.
domain of referral spam locks your data to your site by directly in Google
Analytics. The result on your site yourself no harm, the spam domains produce
neither broken downloads, more malware or similar. Nevertheless, you can sample
the wrong data you money! The analytics data is no longer meaningful and an
analysis and strategic recommendations for action based on these data can lead
to wrong decisions. So change your Analytics account with filters, so you can
rely again on your data.

aim of the creators of spam domains is that advertisers find these domains in
your Analytics account and click on these domains because of curiosity. Of
course, we are curious what brings unknown page to traffic to your own website!
That could be an untapped source of future customers! Please do not click on
the domains, as these usually set a cookie and transfer them to an online


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