the foreseeable future could SIM cards will soon belong to the past. According to the Financial Times, Apple and Samsung are working
together to make new programmable eSIM
cards that are integrated directly into the device, acceptable. Number and
provider change effected by completely digital – without having to replace SIM
cards. Currently, to discussions with the GSM Association (GSMA
– Groupe Speciale Mobile Association), the global industry association of GSM
mobile operators, take place in order to integrate the new technology of the
embedded SIM according to the web standards. When eSIM the
information normally found on the SIM card, in a chip inside of each device are
stored. However, the ESIM card can be described by the provider
again if needed, so you do not have to operate a device permanently with the
same SIM information.
Apple and Samsung are working on a new programmable eSIM card
Rumors regarding the work on eSIM have been around for
several years, but there is quite some time Apple also ambitions in this
direction. Thus, there are for the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 3 now
also in Europe at least reprogrammed SIM card from Apple. However, the
reactions of the operators were very subdued. With restrictions
on the exchange, they made it Apple very difficult to establish the new SIM

The planned eSIM standard should, however be developed
in consultation with a number of large network providers. Along for the
ride are among others the German Telecom, Orange, Vodafone and other
international network operators.
According to the GSMA, it will take
at least another year in order to clarify the necessary details.


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