Alexa is a ranking system
which is based on the ranking scheme of traffic in any website to receive from
the number of people who visit a website with the Alexa toolbar installed on
visitor’s browser. Alexa provides a certified site metrics service to obtain
information about a site’s ranking. Alexa Rank is calculated as a measure of traffic according to the number of visitors to your website. Some of the underlying success of a website
or blog good alexa ranks them in, the smaller the alexa rank value, the better
your alexa ranking position. Alexa traffic rank is based on historical
aggregate traffic for three months from millions of alexa toolbar users and is
a combined page views and reach. A benefit of increasing alexa ranking will
also attract advertising service providers. So, how to improve alexa rank of a
Top 10 Tips to Boost Alexa Traffic Rank
would everyone want to boost Alexa Ranking?
Webmasters, advertisers
and advertising networks use the Alexa rank to determine the value link ads on
your website. If you rely on advertising or selling website as your job, you’ll
want to boost your website Alexa ranking, because it will increase your
bargaining power when you offer advertising price.
Here are few tips on how
you can do:
1. Claiming
your site:
The first step is to make
sure you have a register with Alexa and claim your blog / website you in
advance, this will facilitate alexa accessing your site.
2. Install the Alexa
The Alexa Toolbar is web browser
extensions that include Alexa data. Then adjust the settings of your blog as
your homepage. This is the most basic step.
3. Install the Alexa Rank
Widget On Your Website:
According to some people,
if a website has Alexa rank widgets, every click count as a visit, even when
the Alexa toolbar is not used by the visitor.
4. Encourage others to use
the Alexa toolbar:
Invite your friends using
the Alexa Toolbar and also invite them to visit your blog.
5. Write an article about
It is a magnet way to
boost Alexa rank. When you write an article and review about alexa on your
website, it gradually has effects on your Alexa ranking.
6. Writing unique and
quality content:
increase your Alexa rank in the long run, I recommend focusing on the
development of quality content and maintaining a large audience and not just
purely do artificial means to increase your Alexa rank. Make a link worthy
content referenced other people is the best passive way to increase your Alexa
7. Introduce your URL in
webmaster forums:
usually have a toolbar that has been installed. You’ll get right s to webmasters
to manage your website and offer useful feedback. This is a good way to be able
to give back to the community if you have useful articles to share with others.
8. Write content related
to the webmaster:
is in the category of domains and SEO, two fields in which most webmasters have
already installed the Alexa toolbar. Promote your content on social networking
sites and forums webmaster.
9. Create a webmaster
tools on your website:
is a magnet for webmasters who frequently visit your website to be able to get
access to the tools. Webpage Aaron Wall at SEO Tools is a good example.
10. Add a category or
label with naming Alexa:

are resources that are easily accessible by webmasters and website visitors, you
are tech savvy while casually can help your rankings in the search engines.



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