Did you know that content marketing is an
art and a science? While this is require to study people before writing killer
storytelling content. The human being always liked to hear stories, especially
those about interesting people. When we identify with a character, we see that
we are not alone and that other people have overcome the same difficulties we
are facing.
But if you plan to tell a story, you should
remember one thing: your product or service must be shown as what made people
improve life.
The storytelling technique can be used in
different formats - e-mails, blog, videos, landing pages etc. and has the
following phase:


Talk about how the character had an
ordinary life and suddenly found himself facing several difficulties.


How the life of the character will be
"threatened" if it does not work?


All love to see dialogues in a story. Two
chatting always draw attention (and are easy to read).


This is the time to show your product as
the solution to the problem of the character. An important detail if you show
specific results, increase the credibility of your product.

And remember the story need not be
dramatic, just make it interesting for the audience.


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