Did you know all these basic SEO terms? To learn how to do
SEO of your newly created blog, like any other discipline, you need to know
before a small vocabulary frequently used FAQ and is made up of words that
you’ll read in many blogs expert in the SEO terms. 

So I realized that newbies blogger not aware about basic SEO
terms which is most important to protect as well as rank their blogs.

So I thought might you be interested in having esta glossary of SEO terms that
can check whenever you want and I hope this will help you to understand all
these technicalities of SEO. 

SEO Terms: A Word


The term algorithm in mathematics refers to a set of defined and ordered
instructions clearly, in the case of SEO would say that the instructions are
the way Google use to determine whether your website should be positioned above
or below within search results. 


The authority refers to two important metrics of the company MOZ. One is
the Page Authority (PA) and another is the Domain Authority (DA). Both are
very useful in determining the quality of a web page or a blog. The best
links you get (quality always better than quantity) your authority stats better. 

Anchor Text 

The visible text covering at providing information to users and inviting them
to enter the link. Destination link sets (determined by) the code / keywords


Google and the advertising company with a system that works on
the basis of pricing per click.


The promotion of firms with products or services have websites
that sell text link or graphic/doing with the pictures, clicks, membership or
the sales commission they receive is an Internet marketing model that has set
the company on the basis of. Google warns companies about the receipt of paid

Agent Name

User-Agent is synonymous. The visitor or the robot of the search
engine is the name defined as the browser (Browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome,
browser name like Netscape Navigator or Mozilla)

Alt Tag

Alternative tag used for an image that users see or did not want
to see the current page (text).

SEO Terms: B Word


Backlinks, also called inbound links, are those that point from other pages to yours.
These backlinks can be transmitted if you follow all the authority nofollow or
if you do not transmit that authority. Especially the number and the
quality of your inbound links is very important to achieve a good search engine

Black Hat SEO 

All those SEO techniques that are based on automation. Google of course
does not like anything that has people dedicated to Black Hat as many of these
techniques contradict STI guidelines. 

Bridge Page

Bridges Page is the introduction of a website as precise
(starting) point designed as page doorway is similar page.
SEO Terms: C Word


Cloaking is a widely used in Black Hat SEO and is displaying content to a user
and another completely different that spiders crawl the web site with the
intention of manipulating what technique these indexed by search engines. 

Cross Linking 

Cross Linking technique is to link together so many contents that transmit
power between them. This can be done using internal links within your own
blog or linking different blogs each other.


CTR is the acronym for “Ratio Hits” and is a percentage Calculated by
dividing the number of clicks a site gets in Google among its number of
impressions Multiplied by 100. That is, if you have a keyword with have
received 5,000 impressions and 40 clicks on it, the CTR is 40 / 5.000 *
100 = 0.80%. 

Click Through

Welds each click directed to your site.

Click Tracking

A script to use to keep track of links incoming and outgoing.


Counter is the hit of a page and the software counts the number
of data such as the number of visitors.

Cost per Action

CPA-Where you activities/pricing per action as just set them there
is no fully provision. However, when you do certain things, such as a shopping,
payments to the counterparty.

Cost Per Click

CPC charge when clicked on each link on a website. (Ex = 0.01 CPC
means a cent per click.)

Cost per Lead

CPL, pay-per-action. A membership fee or are given in exchange
for a certain action. (Ex = paid when sending a new member to a site or sell a

Cost Per Thousand 

CPM is a thousand times cost screenings.

Click Through Rate

CTR means clicks is the ratio comparing the resulting display.


A website called browsing and search engines collect information
on the program. The search engine is called the spider.

SEO Terms: D word

Duplicate Content 

Having duplicate content on your site that Google will not penalize you directly
or indirectly but you can see diminished your ability to position your

Dead Link

Dead link 404, will link producing the error page not found. It
occurs when there is a file not exist on a server.


The web  directory is a database
and website. Yahoo and Dmoz main examples. Despite the similarity of the search
engine it is managed by one different people. Many search engines have their
own web directory. These directories are indexed via the website’s databases.


Doman is the name of a website.

Dynamic IP address

The IP address changes each time you connect to the Internet.

Dynamic Page

The user’s command that does not have a fixed content / page
requests are made ​​in return.

Doorway Page

It is a page designed to take place in the high ranking in the
search engines.
SEO Terms: E word


EMD stands for Exact Match domain and is a domain name that includes exactly
the keywords you want to position

Error Log File

Error log file is a server error log file that records the
resulting / records.
SEO Terms: F Word

Free For All

FFA is a public link to a page that does not contain anything
other than the links added by visitors.


Freshbot is the name given to Google’s crawlers and often
referred to as insert pages more quickly Google indexes fast crawler.


The footprints are commands you can type into Google search to make more
specific searches than normal. 

Farm Link 

A farm link is a website that offers get thousands of links in exchange for
money. Of course all these links will be shoddy.

SEO Terms: G Word

Google Bot

Googlebot is the crawler that indexes pages to Google search

Google Everflux

Google Variability continuous variation in the Google search
results page/determines changes.
SEO Terms: H word

Header Tag

Most header tags are placed here. Site headlines used to
determine the <head> </ head>

Hidden Text

It does not appear to the human eye, because that is the same
color as the background paper.
SEO Terms: I Word

Image Map

Systems used to identify specific locations as a link in an


The number of impressions of a page.

Inbound Link

Inbound link has given a link to another site to your site.
SEO Terms: J Word

Junk Links

If you hide the CSS as none Google and other search engines will
accept this junk links.

SEO Terms: K Word

Keyword Density 

The density of keywords or keyword density is a percentage through a keyword how
often appears throughout the text. 

Keyword Stuffing 

It is a Black Hat technique considered by many people but is used to repeat a
keyword throughout an entire article. In the title, subtitles, 100 times throughout
the text and so boredom. This practice is penalized by Google so it can be
said that no longer works. 

Keyword Hickey

Keyword Hickey is also a page to confuse the search engines we
can say is crammed with different transactions to different keywords are.


Keyword is one term that you want to position with the intention to attract
organic visits to your site. Make a good choice of keywords can be
decisive when it comes to getting your SEO strategy is optimal. 

SEO Terms: L Word

Link Farm

Link field, each page in search engines in order to raise a
series of sites that link.

Link Popularity

Link Popularity is a
particular site is the number of major sites that link. To determine the
ranking of most search engine sees a link popularity of a site as a factor.

Link Baiting 

Link Baiting is getting inbound links 100% natural. To get backlinks you
have to make it truly useful content for your readers and also that is
conducive to share through social networks. 

Some actions that help a lot to Link Baiting are used to create
the original video and infographics that are visually very attractive. 

Link Building 

Link Building is generating inbound links manually and is one of the techniques
most relevant when positioned to off page SEO. I would say it is essential
for your site to reach the top of Google. 

Link Juice 

The authority is passed from one page to another via links. It is very important
that all the pages you want to receive link juice frequently position. It
uses internal links and, Moreover, do not be afraid to link to other blogs in
your same subject. This is very positive in the eyes of Google

Long Tail Keyword 

Long tail keywords are words formed by two or more words generally attract that
little traffic but whose also usually competence is low (of course also depend
on the niche market). 

SEO Terms: M Word


A microformat is a small HTML code that give semantic meaning to content that
so search engines can read it. 

Meta Search 

Meta search is called the merge result by searching multiple

Meta Tags

Meta tags determine the structure of a site’s HTML coding and
inscription is invisible to the user on the page.

SEO Terms: N Word

Negative SEO 

The negative SEO involves thousands of toxic web links sending to a competitor
with the intention that this be penalized by Google and lose positions in the
search engine.

Not provided 

Not provided is a term that appears when you search your organic visits in
Google analytics and that refers to traffic comes from users who have their
session started through a Google account. 

SEO Terms: O Word

On Page SEO

All actions that can be performed within your site and therefore solely depend
on you. Optimizing on page SEO from day can be critical to position your
blog in the future so keep these factors in mind. 

Off Page SEO

Contrary to what happens with on page SEO, off page SEO aims to get quality
inbound links, and dofollow or nofollow links.

Open Directory Project

The website directory is managed by volunteers. Databases used
by many sites on the Internet. (Www.dmoz.org) – DMOZ


A page/site to provide excellent success in search or keyword in
the specific results of the search engines and sorting feature arrangements to
achieve a high position.

Outbound Link

To link from another site on your site.


Most commonly used PPC is a search engine based on serving. Some
of the Internet Overture, Altavista, GO, HotBot, Iwo’s, Lycos, MSN and NBC
assure results as the most popular search engines.
SEO Terms: P Word


The number of the page called up by a user.

Pay For Inclusio

PFI also called pay-per-Register. Such as charging for listing
in directories of Yahoo etc. search engine, a site in a specific location /
directory will be paid to list them in.

Pop Under

Pop under completes the installation under a sheet and can be
seen only when the active page is closed.


Google Page Rank defined as rankings. Higher Page Rank means
higher position in search results.
SEO Terms: Q Word


Query is a word phrases in search engine searches.
SEO Terms: R Word


Robots are programs which search engines to perform
tasks such as data collection by visiting the pages.


It is a small file that is used on websites to tell search engines what type of
information is not convenient to index. To fill this file a series of
standardized protocols are used. For example, if you do not play this file by
default always looks like this:

User-agent: *


This means that you allow all robots to visit all files on your site. 

Return on Investment

It applied to SEO is the relationship between the money you have to invest to
make a SEO campaign and the benefit you get for it.


Ranking define a site position in search.

Reciprocal Link

Two sites are changing the link.


Referral is the page that comes from visitors to a site.
SEO Terms: S Word


A spider or crawler is a complex program manager index and
update the databases of search engines. When you write a new article is
indexed immediately or wait a few hours until these spiders go through your
site, and detect your new content indexed. 


Refers to websites links which may normally be weighted by Google’s ranking
algorithm. For This reason a site that looks just light cannot appear on
your rank or appear at very low positions. 


Some call it “the SERP’s” others “the SERP’s” or simply
SERP. The fact is that esta term refers to the results page of a search
engine. When you look for something in Google, This will return a page
with 10 results sorted by their importance. Those pages are SERP. 


Considered to web scrapear is black hat technique which involves removing
information from various web sites automatically through very powerful
software: such as ScrapeBox. In other words Scrapear means performing a
specific search in the search and collect data. It is often used to assemble
lists of sites that are mounted on the same platform and automate the creation
of links … but it’s just one of many applications that can be given. 


It is a document of XTML type, containing all the pages that make up a
website. For Google to index your content is essential that you submit
your sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools. 


Spam refers to black hat SEO manipulation techniques that are
used to increase search engine ranking, but violate the search engine’s Terms
of Service.
SEO Terms: T Word


Taxonomy in SEO is the way in which the information into a website or blog is
organized. It is very important that your content is well structured
through the menus and categories for your visitors quickly find what they looking


To create a title for each link on your website needs is a
system in which 60 characters definitely recommended. Try not to exceed 60.


Never use a dash in your URL. The use of underscores
“_” in a link is not recommended. These are not recognized by search
engines as word separators. You should replace them by hyphens “-“.


Traffic refers to visitors and page impressions on a site.

SEO Terms: U Word

Unique Visitor

Unique visitors including all pages of a site, is not included
in the extra sub-pages, so not only determines the site is accessed via a
single string of digits that the Home page count.


Uniform Resource Locator. You can find the name given to a
particular source. Do not use underscores “_” in a URL and URL’s must

SEO Terms: V Word


Try to make your website compatible according to w3 schools.
This way your site have working correctly in all browsers and more preferred is
higher. But I think that there need to be fully compatible with currently w3 HTML
and CSS validation because some code is too large for the site in case of
different encodings can display incorrectly. It is not fully compatible so try
to make a more accurate site using some of the guidelines.
SEO Terms: W Word

White Hat SEO

All those SEO techniques strictly that comply with the guidelines of Google.
These are primarily based on creating useful content for users, the distribution
of this content in social networks, on page SEO optimization and obtaining
inbound links through Link Baiting. 

www or non-www

In this regard, Google is saying, do not specify a preferred
domain, we may treat the www and non-www versions of the domain as separate
references to separate pages.
So if you have a site that begins with www pages should work
without www version.


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