the iPhone 7 will be charged wirelessly. The Apple supplier Qualcomm has developed
a new technology that allows smartphones could dominate with metal casing
Wireless Charging. While the current flagship Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge,
from rival Samsung Wireless Charging already mastered, Apple fans were far from
empty. However, this could change soon, thanks to the company Qualcomm. Its
technology allows smartphones can wirelessly recharge with metal case.
far, the metal casing of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the reason that
Wireless Charging was not possible with the Apple smartphone. The devices
would be too much heated by induction. Since the back of the Galaxy S6 and
Galaxy S6 Edge is made of glass, a wireless battery charging is possible. According
to Qualcomm, the technology is called “WiPower” on a near-field
magnetic resonance technique, instead of induction. This also allows the
simultaneous charging of multiple devices with different battery
the iPhone 6s, which is expected to present in September, the technology is too
late, however, would remain until the release of the iPhone 7 next year still
plenty of time.


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