Outstanding Performance of the iPad Pro 2017

The new iPad Pro, which Apple presented a week ago, is equipped with an A10X processor. As first benchmark tests show, the new tablet compared to the previous model, which has an A9X CPU, is significantly faster.

Apple has landed with the iPad Pro 2017 a hit. The new tablet with A10X processor is now in the public benchmark lists of Geekbench dipped several times. Comparing the device with the previous model from 2015, one can see a considerable increase in speed. The tablet is the fast what is currently on the market.

The iPad Pro, which is equipped with an A10X processor, with three cores with 2.36 GHz clocked. The three other cores are for Subtasks, where Geekbench seems to have a problem here - it does not recognize the three weaker cores - that was synonymous with the A9X so. The A10X appears in the benchmark program with 3 cores, the A9X with two cores.

MByte L2 cache, with the A9X it was 3 MByte. This information has not been officially confirmed by Apple.

With the Geekbench single core, the 2017er iPad Pro is about 30 percent higher than its predecessor. In the multi-core test it is 80 percent faster. Also in all other tests the new iPad Pro hangs the old one by length. Whether the benchmarks of the 10.5 or the 12.9 inch iPad Pro come from, is not known, but this should be the same due to the same data (also regarding the RAM) the same.

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