Pokemon Go players will spend less time since last weekend to train in one of the gyms compared to the previous weeks. Developer Niantic Labs has quietly this past weekend made an update on their servers. The update ensures that the rewards you receive are back for training at the original level after Niantic last month received some criticism because of the changes.

Niantic published a tweet on the official Pokemon Go account, which says that the amount of prestige gained during training in friendly gyms is brought back to the original values. The update was discovered last Friday by The Silph Road, a group of fans who are trying to map all the changes.

It is certainly good news for all Pokemon Go players who train their Pokémon in gyms. In November Niantic has adjusted the speed at which gyms prestige points gave to friendly players, causing a gym on slower way to reach a higher level. These gyms were until last Friday only good for 500 prestige points, while this number was originally established in 1000. This meant that the strengthening of a gym twice as much time took as before, to the annoyance of many players.

Since the update in November rained complaints and this has Niantic finally decide to turn back all the changes. From now on, fans of Pokemon Go back workout to your heart without having lost their entire afternoon. In addition, the developer brought back last week the nearby feature, which makes finding and catching Pokémon again become a lot easier.

More new features coming

The expectation is that Niantic later this month with a major update coming for Pokemon Go. In the app’s source code are many references to 100 new regular Pokémon of the second generation and legendary Pokémon. The addition of the second generation of Pokémon is not the only thing Niantic has worked in the past period, because the source code also seems to confirm that players will soon be able to keep fighting among themselves. At present it is only possible to start a fight if you want to take a gym, a decision Niantic net to make the necessary criticism. Furthermore, players will be able to grow their captured Pokémon, similar to the care of a Tamagotchi.


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