the ranking of mobile websites in Google alone the contents of the desktop
version has a role - even if completely different the contents of the mobile
website from which the desktop version. Google maintains that no separate index
for mobile sites is known. Although it was recently reported that Google is
working on a stand-alone mobile search index, which would see desktop and
mobile have completely separate search indexes but until it is so far, it may
take more time.
long as the ranking of mobile sites is determined by the desktop version of a
site. Content, site speed and the mobile website links are not relevant to
their ranking. From the mobile website, only the user experience will be
included in the ranking - this is especially true since Mobile-Friendly
algorithm update.
does that mean? In extreme cases, the mobile version of a website could theoretically
completely different from the desktop version, and would still have grown for
the contents of the desktop version. That Google has taken no action so far, is
supposedly because the current situation has been exploited by spammers yet.
changes will still be inside a mobile index in prospect but then soon: So
should other criteria the mobile website to be included in the
ranking. These include any existing interruption advertisements and the page


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