to Gabriel Aul tweet "We're releasing an
update package on WU for PC build 10240 today. It will install automatically or
you can check for updates to grab it. It will be described
as a security update, but that's just because it's cumulative and includes the
last package's security fix." Windows
10 Build 10240 receives an update during the day, It is a package of fixes
based on reported issues in 10240 which is to close some become known bugs
fixed and possible vulnerabilities.
Windows 10 Update Package on WU for PC Build 10240

package installs fully automatic or can be "bumped" from Windows
Update manually. Obvious improvements are unlikely to bring about and lack of
official changelog is so far not known which errors are now fixed exactly as
Designated Security Update Package. No wonder: Windows 10 appears in less than
two weeks, the present build 10240 already has RTM status.


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