Magic Mouse with Touch Bar and Touch ID

For the MacBook Pro, Apple has installed a fingerprint scanner and a secondary display for the first time. Touch ID and Touch Bar could also feel comfortable on a new Magic Mouse, says a designer.

There are critical voices that consider the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro to be superfluous because, most of all, multipliers do not even look at the keyboard and have nothing at all from the secondary touchscreen that can display additional information and controls for apps. Such criticism is not available in the Fingerprint scanner Touch ID, but it is so far only for the expensive MacBook Pro and not for other Apple computers.

Designer Jason Chhaidan has considered how a mouse with touch bar and touch ID might look. The study "Volatas" emerged. The cable Magic Mouse is equipped with a touch screen instead of a scroll wheel, which extends over half the mouse back. Like the MacBook Pro, program-specific graphics and texts can be displayed, which the user can select.

The "fingerprint scanner" in "Volatas" is exactly the same as for the big example, so that the user can authenticate himself to the computer without having to enter a password.

Shortly before, a designer had already presented a Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar . Instead of using the F-keys, an OLED touchscreen was installed in the design of Hazza42, which works just like the MacBook Pro.

The "Concept iPhone YouTube Channel" has even designed a design that shows how the Touch Bar could be used with an iPhone.


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