Skype Calls Touch Bar Support Button

Microsoft has when updating without big announcement Skype support for the Touch Bar New for Mac to version 7.48 MacBook Pro integrated. The use of the secondary screen is designed to simplify the management of calls.

The user sees the touch bar on a call, for example, the profile name and the contact picture of the user, with which it is connected. A button for starting a video connection is also displayed. The Mute button can also be used to switch off the microphone temporarily or to end the call. The button is bright red so you do not accidentally hang up.

Unfortunately, the Touch Bar is only used during a call. If the connection is interrupted, Skype does not use the input line. Skype 7.48 also includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft Office has been supporting Touch Bar for quite some time

Last month, Microsoft already with the components of Office 2016 for Mac integrates a supporting touch bar. Users of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook can thus operate a function of the programs, even if the menu is hidden. This saves some space on the screen. In Outlook, for example, you can jump directly to Skype for Business with a touch bar button from an appointment to start the phone conference.

Meanwhile, numerous apps support the Touch Bar, of course, by Apple's own software.


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