iPhone Chip Developer Manu Gulati Move to Google

This is a bitter hit for Apple: The expert responsible for the development of own chips for iOS devices and Apple TV is going to Google. Manu Gulati has been with Apple since 2009.

Chip developer Manu Gulati goes to Google. There the engineer is to develop new chips for the pixel devices. Google is also looking for other experts who want to shape the architecture of future chip generations for smartphones and tablets.

On Google, Manu Gulati is a senior SoC architect, as he writes in his LinkedIn profile. Before he started at Apple 2009, he was busy with AMD and Broadcom.

With its own SoC, Google wants to push ahead with a media report the development of its mobile devices. We are looking for a "Mobile SoC CPU Architect" as well as a "Mobile SoC Architect".

So far, Google, like most other Android manufacturers, uses Qualcomm's chips based on an ARM architecture. Of course, this also means that most smartphones of a class and generation are hardly differentiated by performance. How should this work if they are based on a similar hardware platform?

Apple loses with Gulati an important coworker, which alone is already seen in the number of patent applications, which list him as co-inventor. 15 patent applications bear his name. Apparently the engineer was also involved in the development of the "Secure Enclave". This is a special security area for the chips, which is used, among other things, for Touch ID. It is shielded from other areas on the processor.

Some time ago, it was said that Apple plans "in the next one to two years" synonymous with the Mac to use its own SoC. The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has already been done - but only for the Touch Bar itself. The heart of a MacBook still comes from Intel.

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