iPhone Advanced Manufacturing

In press statements last fiscal, Apple said it will invest and promote "advanced manufacturing" in the US. This is one of the ways for companies to create more jobs in their hometown, through a $1 billion investment project.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company has created more than two million jobs in the US, where many of 80 thousand employees of Apple, plus US partners such as Corning - companies producing tempered glass for iPhone and iPad; 3M - the glue maker Apple uses on its devices.

The largest number is the developer community, with 1.5 million application writers, as Apple CEOs say, "changed the world." So, to get more jobs in the US, Tim Cook says Apple is setting up a fund to promote cutting-edge manufacturing.

Apple's vision is the job requires skilled labor and software engineers. Once automation starts in countries with cheap labor like China, these countries will lose the advantage: because robot prices are the same.

China is currently the strongest investor in robots. But manufacturing here through robots is not much cheaper than in the United States. On the contrary, if the same advanced production, the place in the home will help Apple better control copyright, reduce shipping costs, reduce risks.


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