Among all the existing tablets of all sizes, the
iPad mini 4 lands at No. 1, Extensive laboratory tests the researchers of
DisplayMate come to the “interesting and surprising” conclusion that
Apple’s smallest device of the current generation iPad all previous records in
many of the most important Categories breaks: reflectance, contrast ratio in
bright environments and color accuracy.
iPad mini 4

The big “iPad 2015 Display Technology
Shoot-Out” now holds the measurement results of the current series of
Europe gathered and sets the display of the iPad mini 4 No. 1, even before the
iPad Pro, even before all the other tablets of the total market. After a brief
historical overview, the 1-3 is reminiscent of the iPad minis as a notorious
problem children, the breakdown of test categories begins. With only 2.0 to 2.6
percent reflectance are incidentally all three current iPads undisputed record
holder for tablet display performance in bright environments.

Also indicated but not yet anticipated in
full the now published by DisplayMate test results of the iPad mini 4 were
already in September, a few days after the unit had been neglected almost
criminally on Apple’s own keynote event. Even then, were the last repaired,
full color gamut and the sensational reflectance of only 2 per cent of the
display noticed.


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