The name associated with
structure of an URL decides the search ranking positioning of the site in web
search tool results page. If a search engine will perceive the correlation
between the URL, content and therefore the search keyword then it’s warranted
that the page can seem high within the search.
Simple and descriptive
URLs can simply convey the aim of the web page each to the users similarly on
the search engines. This will likewise help to sort out and arrange the content
consequently and the search engines crawlers can perceive the web sitemap of
your site with ease.
blogger custom permalink URL structure for high search ranking
Dos and Don’ts with your blog URL:
  • URLs containing descriptive words relevant to your
    site’s content and structure are easier for the users to recollect and navigate.
  • Using structured approach helps you to classify your
    content and makes it easy for visitors to understand wherever they’re at on
    your website.
  • Use applicable 301 redirects to direct users to the
    acceptable pages in your website.
  • Use 404 direct to tell the user concerning associate in
    having alternate page in your website that the user is also inquisitive about
    or mentioning the home page URL can inform facilitate the user to go to the home

  • Lengthy URLs with confusing parameters like numbers or
    session ID.
  • Using generic page names like “untitled.html” or
  • Stuffing surplus keywords within URL could lead search
    engines to kick downstairs your website.
  • Nesting of pages like “…/page1/page2/page3.html”.
  • URL names having no relevancy the content.
  • Odd capitalization of URLs, higher to own a grapheme
    URLs that helps the user to recollect simply.
  • URL using special symbols like “_, #, @” etc.


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