Minifying CSS is simply
making your CSS coding more diminutive. In other words “Minification is the
process of removing unnecessary characters and white spaces from code to reduce
its size, and optimizing the CSS code”. I now realize that minify your CSS you
have to know whether you are utilizing all your CSS and in the event that you
aren’t then something needs to change. If your templates are loading all that
CSS and you are not using it, it makes sense that much of it can be erased (unwanted
How to minify CSS for blogger blog
It doesn’t matter how you
use CSS code in blogger template (inline, internal, external files) smaller is
better and will help your webpages load faster but inline CSS reduce page load
time so if possible avoid inline CSS.

Always keep in mind the average
size of the CSS file is fewer than 25kb. You can use online CSS minifying tools
like,, and or
any other according your suite.


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