bloggers want to embed a PHP file or media files in their blog post and some of
blogger try to insert these files in their web page using the non-standard <embed> tag. The <embed > tag mostly
used to insert videos inside a blog post not to embed PHP files. But there is a
standard tag for this, known as <object> tag. Well this is not a way to use
direct to cross-browsers, but we’ll see that there are some techniques for that
practically all the browsers will be able to easily understand and execute the
How to embed PHP and WAV files in blogger blog post
Object tag is introduces by HTML 4 as an Object element, which not only offers to
embed PHP and WAV files but also use to all-purpose solution to generic object
inclusion like HTML code or other code you may like to insert. The OBJECT
element allows HTML authors to specify every field required by an object for
its demonstration by a user agent: source code. In this order, the object
element is used to describe the things (HTML code, applets, plug-ins, media
handlers, etc.) that people want to place in a blog post or in blogger
Embed a PHP file:

<object data=”data/lablance.php” type=”application/php”
width=100% height=”600″>  alt : <a
href=”file source URL”>php demo</a></object>

Embed a wav file:

<object type=”audio/x-wav” data=”data/ lablance.wav” width=”100″ height=”30″>
  <param name=”src” value=”data/ lablance.wav”>
  <param name=”autoplay” value=”false”>
  <param name=”autoStart” value=”0″>
  alt : <a href=”file source URL”> lablance.wav</a>




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