Along with the many
changes in the Google algorithms in a SEO optimization technique that is still
widely practiced should be changed if it is to win. I share these tips are
not too detailed, especially in the case of the example application, but as
much as possible all the ways can I write in this article. So for the
beginner who wants to follow seo contest and win the race, I recommend doing the
entire tutorial. So you no longer need to perform spamming techniques to disturb
other people’s blogs. Because
writing is a far cry from the actual quality SEO. In fact, if you want to learn
a bit about the optimization, the participation is very useful for site promotion.
Winning SEO Strategy
Along with the issue of
quality content writing that is called by Google, then win the contest
optimization tips include:
  1. Make the articles related to the keywords that raced. If
    there is a link out to the organizers website, you should still take place on
    the relevance of the article.
  2. You should understand that the title does not have to exactly
    match the keywords but you should add to the requirements specified keywords
    seo contest organizers. This is one important part if you want to win.
  3. Make sure there is no word that recurs in the URL of the article. If
    you are using blogspot, suggested using manual permalink. And make sure
    the keyword appears in the URL.
  4. The length of the article is more than 500 words but
    structured. Do not do the repetition of keywords. Just make sure in
    each paragraph is implied.
  5. Many said backlink less influence again in the SERP. But I
    dare say that backlinks remains necessary because as a determinant of the
    winner. You have to understand that most of the participants are very
    aware of seo article writing techniques. So if the point of the
    “on-page” equally maximum, it is crucial backlinks.
  6. Associated with five points, only referential backlinks from the
    article which has an important role in the SERP. This is the essence
    of quality backlinks.
  7. Should make a lot of supporters in the article the same blog
    article that included a contest. And associate with referential internal
    links. These tips are the most powerful in seo.
  8. Ensure create an image with title and alt tags like keywords,
    not just as a keyword competed.
  9. Avoid embedding links to the article in the sidebar (on the same
    blog), unless you can set that this embedding only appear on the
    homepage. Why is this important? Because if you pinned on the
    sidebar, then the process of crawling the article to be more frequent (follow the
    process of crawling on the homepage which is more often). But if you have
    a variety of theme post, this is a link back are irrelevant. So I suggest
    in this seo tips are sure only appear on the homepage.
  10. Associated with the crawling process more often on the homepage,
    use sticky on wordpress to the article quite instrumental rather than putting
    the link in the sidebar.
  11. If you have a dummy blog or PBN, I suggest also working on
    creating some support articles as 7 points in winning tips seo contest this.
Similarly tips that may
be useful for those of you who want to win the contest seo. The best
advice, choose a contest that organizers well known and experienced in making
the race and never a participant. Because I had a lot of oblique sounding
stories about some of the scams in the event such as this.


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