of basic tips to boost SEO of individual articles blogger must choose a right
keyword to an article title. The best SEO principles about how to choose your
keywords in an article in order to achieve a good Google SERP position is
“fixed Keywords” that is not negotiable. There are still a lot
of blog owners are too experimenting even impressed “stuffing” and
being over keywords density. Here is the best method of easily routed so
that your posting achieve the best position.
Choose a Right Keyword
we discuss about “how to choose a right keyword to an article” we must know
about keyword phase “fixed Keywords”. The Fixed Keywords refer as the primary
goal of your blog. For example I have a blog for SEO articles, why should I post
health, tech news or other articles on it. You must need to create separate
blogs for these keywords, it helps you specify in advance that want targeted
keyword phrases. In case you are unable to create another blog you must categorized
posts with labels and no need to add so many keyword phase tags.
So you have
not tired of optimizing a single word that is not recommended by Google. And
once you set blog posts consisting of 2 or 3 keywords, then you should make
sure the position of the keywords in parts:
1. Title, This
determination should not only appropriate title keywords. We recommend
using long tail keywords.
Description, Make
sure the targeted keywords in the article description.
first sentence in the first paragraph must focus the main keyword.
keywords in the middle of the post content.
The keyword
at the end of the post content.
The above
points are most powerful tips to boost SEO of an article to achieve good
ranking. The fifth point denotes absolute position in the laying keywords right in an article. Just as a benchmark,
preferably to 300 words article, keywords appearing as much as 3 to 4 times is


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