This is one most powerful
feature of Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) that I personally to index and crawl
newly posts, namely “fetch as Google” SEO technique. Why I will share this is
one way to index blog entries quickly and easily. Actually, when you start a
new blog and start posting articles on it, all your posts submitted to GWT
instantly but not indexed, it may take upto 24 hours or more time. SEO
techniques fetch as Google is a technique diligent people who have plenty of
time, and there is a commitment to do so. Although this technique is easy, but
for some people, especially bloggers who got a lot of free time, this technique
is quite crisp. I often use this technique for a particular purpose and do not
do any time. I would only do if there is no requirement, However it is
not wrong to be made ​​as often as possible for
the hyper-diligent blogger.
to submit a URL:
  • Login to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Open the Crawl tab listing in left sidebar.
  • Click the Fetch as Google tab.

Fetch as Googlebot to
fetch the URL of your blog entry that you want to allow your blog is searched
by the Google search engine. Enter the URL of your blog post that you want
listed in the search engines. You can see some optimizations provided – like Desktop,
Smartphone for mobile and so on. When the URL is successfully fetched you’ll
see a new “Submit to index” link appear next to the fetched URL.

Then you need to click “Submit
to index” indicated you’ll see a dialog box that allows you to choose whether
you want to submit only the single URL, or that URL and all its associated
pages. If the entry is there another URL like to entries before this, then I
suggest you choose the second option – Crawl this URL and its direct links ;
This includes blog URL in mobile mode. Click Go, and then you will see the
results on the display as shown below.
SEO Technique Fetch as Google
It will then inform as
above when the URL has been sent to the Google index. The technique is however
limited to 10 URLs every day. You cannot always use it (though earlier I can
say for a lot of times), as if trying to avoid spamming you via search engines.
I hope this helps many SEO techniques new bloggers to see the entries they are
on the main page of the search engines for keywords certain key. It is also one
of the techniques to enable blog entries are in the search engines in less than
30 minutes! I hope this is useful for you.



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