of the foremost requested options that developers have for the Blogger JSON API
is that the ability to create new posts. Blogger API v3 provides ability
to edit and delete existing posts as well as search them using
matching criteria patterns.

So have a quick guess what the following HTTP request does?
Authorization: Bearer <OAuth2 key>
Content-Type: application/json
“kind”: “blogger#post”,
“blog”: {
“id”: “8070105920543249955”
“title”: “A new post”,
“content”: “With <b>exciting</b> content…”

Blogger API v3 of .net
library is still beta version, so almost all of the online tutorials to operate
Blogger’s GData. This I spent at least one month to get it, Because Google API
.net Client for Google Code Page ( )
did a very detailed tutorial, but did not say which platform is suitable for
use, that version of visual studio fit, get this one takes up most of my time. But
Google’s APIs Explorer helped me a lot – there
are a lot of usage interface learned.
I found visual studio 2010 simply
did not successfully compile Blogger API v3 of the code, I do not know why? But
preliminary determination requires .net 4.5 (as in a source file which saw the
await keyword), so installed visual studio 2012, after that the target
framework into .net 4.0 and later will be successfully compiled. Only tried on
Windows 7 with visual studio 2010 and Windows 8 with visual studio 2012
4.5, other operating systems have not tried.


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