Among the things that was also noted by search engines like Google is the
amount of time required by a blog to load properly. It actually affects the
position of your blog in the search engines. Your blog should not burden the
loading time visitors or in other words, a blog needs time loading faster. The
Blog is then said heavy blog.  When your
blog load slow, search engine robot will take the time to search for keywords
in your blog. Through the latest algorithms, Google will not waste time to
search only the entries you find appropriate keywords based on coherence
(density) keyword.
Evaluate SEO Term

So, this blog will be
heavy in most bottom position once. Search engines love blogs fast and easy to
access. With easy to understand, when clicking a specific
keyword in the search engines, you will be able to see and hold an entry with
the keywords mentioned, either in the title of the post, in the beginning of
the paragraph or at the end of the entry. Heavy blog,
not only the search engines odium it, even a stray
visitor with easy to click if you want to cross out the title of a short wait
2-3 minutes! If you are new to this blog, I highly recommend that you make your
blog fast for loading properly. If
your blog has been a long time, many existing entries and
its own followers, can ignore, ignore this little thing, but remember one thing
the long run it will eat your blog privileges because they are information
seekers are no longer the same.


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