my last post I have described “how to implement periodic table on page SEO ranking factors”. All of these are essential factors we must implement when
create a new blog. So far the lists of factors in my experience have to keep in
mind when starting the SEO on your blog page rank. Now we learn how to
improve the content SEO. Because content writing will plays a vital role in
blog SEO, so in this post we will describe content attributes which are
implementing during article writing.
Content SEO Ranking Factors 2015

SEO Ranking Factors

Keyword Density 

It is the% of times a keyword is repeated itself in the same article. In this
most important point it is to be natural keywords. If it is necessary for your
keyword well appears 5 times, 20 times if you need to appear well too. I’m
not obsessed by density. That is the interesting thing keyword appears in the
natural way and not something forced. Consider the use of synonyms to avoid
repeating yourself. 

Images SEO

Optimize your post images. You cannot imagine the views that can be
achieved recognitions to correctly name your photos. From the name of the
file itself is saved in your image tags that reference the title and
alternative text. There are many actions you can take to optimize the SEO
of your images.

Get on your blog shortly file size or weight (the less heavy much better) to
help reduce the loading time of your site. 

Media Content 

Use video, infographics, presentations and podcasts within the post content. Everything
you can do to attract visitors and the longer your best remain page. Develop
this type of content is a slow process but I guarantee that the results are

Categories and Labels

Using categories is important for two reasons. On the one hand it serves
to sort your content by topic and not only chronologically and the other will provide
your readers find related content to keep reading so you reduce your bounce
rate and improved the time in your blog.

It is convenient to write a description for each of your categories. This
is one of the factors on page SEO.

Bold and Underline 

Stresses words and phrases to facilitate their pose your visitor attention on these
words. Your visitors are not going to read the entire contents of your
post but simply be scanned over what is underlined or bold.

Likewise also it serves to show the search engines are making what is that
relevant at the time of position. 


The sitemap.xml file has the mission to index your post & page in search
engines. If you do not send this file to Google through Google Webmaster
Tools do not care what the searcher will not know you exist and will not crawl
your URLs. 

Adaptation to Mobile Site

Although it was recently reported that Google is working on a stand-alone
mobile search index, which would see desktop and mobile have completely
separate search indexes but until it is so far, it may take more time. So it is
important your page has to be adapted to mobile (known as Responsive functionality)  because every day more people
search via their smartphones. With this adjustment you improve the user
experience and just thus the time spent on your blog. 

Role of Social Networks 

It seems obvious today, although you do not remember you implement more social buttons to share your content on social networks. At least shouldn’t miss
Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, which are the most popular networks used by
the current generation. 


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