one finger the attention of users on Twitter? 500 million tweets, a total of
20.8 million per hour, 346 mile a minute, 5,800 every second of every day are
sent. With these pieces of information, we can compete?

Your Retweets

you know the importance of titles in the content shared on Twitter? Be bold to
capture the attention of other users. It often happens that when we read a
content of a blog or a website and want to share with others, the easiest is to
use the share buttons installed on the website or use some add-on previously
installed on your browser.
tools help us because they are already pre-configured with the name of the article
and its league, all we have to do is share it. The development of an
interesting tweet requires more effort. Many times let the tool do all the
work, we can give as a result that the tool does not let you space (number of
characters) to work. Your followers will appreciate your effort.
to make room in your tweets, which results not encourage others to share
content and not to generate a conversation about it.
personalize it with questions like whether they agree or disagree with the article
and why. Use small stages like, "I love this article!" "Highly
recommended" "What do you think?" "Have you tried this
strategy?” Or you can ask their opinion "The contents works for me very
well, do you too?”
How To Catch The Attention Of Users On Twitter

Items More Than Once

mentioned initially, the amount of tweets published is great, so that the time
of "life" or having our tweets exposure is low and if we add that not
all have access to twitter at the same time, surely our content is not having
the exhibition we would like.
this in mind, you need to do is publish your content several times. It may be
during the day, the week or the month. It is very important not to do it with
the same title and link again and again. That is not the best way to do it, to
avoid that customizes tweets.


worst thing you can do in Twitter is trying to be like everyone else. Add your
own personality, which does not remove him to stop being a professional.

Includes Trending Topics

topics or use popular hashtags, is a method to get added to our content we are
looking for exposure.
note of them and see how you can use in your own tweets, that will help users
who are following these hashtags find your content and more exposed.

Visual Content

to 3M Corporation, the brain processes 60,000 times faster than the visual text
information. And yet, if you could review the content on Twitter, you will see
the tweets of most users are just text. Take this opportunity to highlight, add
images to your tweets.
to recent studies 0.1333 retweets tweets without images were received on
average, while tweets with images received 0.404 retweets on average, the
numbers speak for themselves.

Generates Talks

simplest and most effective way to draw attention on Twitter is to engage
people. Listen to what others users say, this will help you make a better
connection with your community. Uses twitter lists to create your own lists,
segments and so you can easily find important and relevant to your industry
course, it's good to talk with influential people, but do not forget to engage
with new people too. Your goal should be to make connections with a wider
do you think of these points? Have you used any of these tips? If you liked the
article, share it and leave your comments. 


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