Johnny Ive, who is known as a chief of Apple
design team, the answer to the British newspaper Telegraph interview in
accordance with the launch of the iPad Pro, talked about the appeal of iPad Pro
and the “Apple Pencil”. The Pencil has been designed to replicate the
tactile experience of using a pen or pencil as naturally and accurately as
possible, albeit with a plethora of artistic implements, from paintbrush and
airbrush to felt tip or fountain pen depending on which app you’re using to
squiggle on the iPad’s screen.
Apple’s Traditional Stylus Pencil Story Behind iPad Pro Design

The decision to name the stylus Apple Pencil,
Ive says, is clearly an acknowledgement of how objects and instruments have
grown and evolved over hundreds of years. One of the key challenges was
designing something in the form of a traditional writing instrument for use in
iOS, Apple’s iPad and iPhone operating system largely designed for fingers, not
fine points.
Johnny said, thinking that it is fun while
taking the Apple Pencil in the sense of having a “conventional pen, and
awoke from that you have as it is to draw begins. Passions, just when you
notice that you are using as a tool, rather than as a demo , and it says that
it actually use I notice began have been that, “we tell that iPad Pro and
Apple Pencil is a feeling close to the traditional paper and pen.
In addition, “if a person who is using a
paintbrushes, pencils and pens, this will feel like a more natural extension of
that experience – that it will feel familiar,” he says, carefully. “To achieve
that degree of very simple, natural behaviour, was a significant technological


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