iPhone 8: Curved OLED display is considered safe - USB-C connector as a surprise?

With touch ID in the display, thin edge and invisible front camera - so we imagine the iPhone 8. Now iDropNews reports that Apple is testing two designs: one with touch ID on the back and one with the fingerprint sensor on the display. The latter would of course be the hammer.

Great riddles: Will the iPhone 8 have its fingerprint sensor on the front or on the back? After a report already expected the worst ( Touch ID on the back), there is now the happy customer that Apple is testing two designs. One of them with touch ID in the display and a front camera, which also looks through the display.

At the same time, the display should reach up to 4 mm at the edges of the front. Some space must be released for headphones and speakers. The display itself should only be flattened at the edges, as is also the case with the iPhone 7 case. The frame is made of metal.

The iDropNews report is supposedly based on a source at Foxconn. This is Apple's iPhone manufacturer. It is "very likely" that Apple integrates the model with touch ID into the display, it says.

Apple seems to have massive problems with the production of the iPhone 8 and therefore may have to do without the fingerprint sensor in the display and change the design.

At iDropnews it is claimed that the iPhone 8 with its 5.8 inch display should have the same outer dimensions as the iPhone 7. There would also be a large power button. In addition, the iPhone 8 is supposed to support wireless downloads, which analysts have been saying for some time.



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