Apple Sued for Apple Watch

US patent attorney Uniloc sued Apple for three alleged patent infringements by the Apple Watch. Also in the iPhone and the iPad, Apple is to use a technique for detecting movements illegally. The patent user requires license fees.

Uniloc has acquired the patents in May 2017 and will now use them. Apple is accused of violating the intellectual property of Uniloc with the Apple Watch but also the iOS devices, without paying license fees. A lawsuit was filed at a Texas court.

Uniloc has only acquired the patents, filed US patent rights 7,653,508, 8,712,723 and 7,881,902 by Philippe Kahn. They describe a "device for monitoring human movements". This could be, for example, the Fitnesstracker in the Apple Watch, but also the iPhone or the iPad have such sensors, with which movements of humans could be recognized and evaluated.

On top of that. Uniloc sees Apple not only with the hardware as a patent infringer but also with apps, which evaluate this data. This includes the Runtastic, Strava Running and Nike + Run Club apps. They are not from Apple, but they are distributed through the App Store.

Uniloc is no stranger to Apple's lawyers. The company has also sued Apple for other Fitnesstracker functions, which refer to the co-processors M9 and M10. Also because of Apple ID and maps, there were already lawsuits. Of course it's all about money. How well the odds in court are that Uniloc gets money is not foreseeable.


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