two arch-enemies between Apple and Android seems to be slow to relax a bit. For
a job advertisement stating that the Group of Cupertino wants to develop more
apps for Google’s mobile OS. Google, with its various services from the very
beginning a presence on Apple’s iOS. Soon there will also be the other way
around to see something. It is already clear that Apple will provide an Android
app for its new music streaming service Apple Music in the fall. But it looks
strong after that still much more is planned.
Apple seeks developers for future Android Apps
Jobs has always been regarded as Android nemesis and known to say that he is
ready to lead a thermonuclear war against the Google OS. Under Tim Cook, the
attitude towards Android by Apple has eased considerably. Having long been
known that Apple Music also appears for Android and Apple is also developing an
Android app to simplify the transition to iOS, now neither success nor a
vacancy in one seeks Android developers.
what you can do here. When Apple from great ideas very quickly great products,
services and user experiences are” the Group Android developers makes an
activity for Apple tasty. Being sought by developers, which will help in
bringing remarkable new mobile products on the Android platform.
details on the requirements to be named, according to can be determined from
the job posting anything more accurate see in which direction it should go
here. Full Apple typically leaves highlights that once the always more or less
to himself seething rumor mill. From the other Apple products can basically not
read out what the company could bring on Android. Most likely are still some
ports of iCloud services, so for example, Mac users who prefer to rely on an
Android smartphone get easy access to their e-mails. The same applies to apps
that access to the contents of the iTunes Store is possible. When it comes to
office applications and map it as if it might want to hardly compete with the
very strong competition. Also conceivable are quite completely new deals, of
which so far also on the platforms Apple’s own is nothing to see.
exact wording of the vacancy for an applications Engineer software for Android,
which has since been removed, read:
for engineers to help us bring exciting new mobile products to the Android
the development of Apple Music for Android is likely to be quite advanced, it
seems as if Apple even further open toward Android. What kind of apps that
could potentially arise, the vacancy notice did not tell of course. Speculation
go but of different Apple products like iMessage or FaceTime on Apple Pay to
the entire iCloud. What do you think Apple has for plans for Google’s mobile


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