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Leica owner Andreas Kaufmann has spoken about the future of the leica camera industry and the ratio of the camera-traditional manufacturer to Apple. With Huawei Leica has already developed a good camera phone, but as soon there should be no Leica camera in an iPhone. This is not to be due to Leica.

Leica owner Andreas Kaufmann has expressed about the future of the camera industry and smartphone cameras in an interview with Capital. It seeks reinforced co-operation partners in the electronics sector and has only just with a Huawei smartphone camera for Huawei P9 developed which is praised by the trade press. Your camera lens is in contrast to the Apple way, not shown. Huawei has the same built a double-main camera with two lenses and two sensors and dual flash light with color and black-and-white photographs are possible. In this case, an RGB sensor, and a monochrome sensor can be used.leica camera

Leica can also imagine collaborating with other electronics companies. Technical cooperation is, according to Leica CEO Oliver Kaltner a target of Leica. There are all appearance, in every television, every console in Action cameras and drones. We are open to further discussions. Kaufmann is convinced that cell phone cameras are the future and it is otherwise only give very high-priced cameras.

What about Apple and Leica collaborations?

With Apple, it had also been cooperation talks, but negotiations have failed, said Kaufmann. It handle is not a company that like shrinkage collaborations. The Leica owner sees the future of Apple is not particularly rosy. If the company does not take care, it will choke on its own success. "Because the nose is sometimes very high in the air" here apparently feelings are hurt. The iPhone 7 Plus is also equipped with a dual camera. Whether or not two different sensors or rather two different lenses are used, is not known.


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