Apple New MacBook Pros Get ARM Chip

Apple is working on a new ARM chip for the next generation of MacBooks. The chip would take over some functions of the Intel processors to improve battery life. A full transition to the ARM architecture at this time to be no question, so claims the usually well-informed Bloomberg.

MacBook Update ARM Chip as Coprocessor

The new chip, codenamed T310, is similar in development and is reportedly since 2016 with the chip that powers the Touch Bar of the latest MacBook Pro models. The design is based on the ARM architecture and works with the standard Intel processors, which takes over certain functions, such as Power Nap feature.

Power Nap ensures that your MacBook up-to-date, even if they are asleep. Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes and Photo Stream are automatically updated via Power Nap. When the system is connected to the mains are also software updates downloaded and data backed up by Time Machine. An ARM chip could perform these tasks efficiently, which should result in longer battery life.

MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar also uses an ARM chip, but it is only used for the Touch Bar, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the safe enclave in which payment and biometric information. According to the report from Bloomberg, the new chip will go a step further and is able to connect to the storage memory, and wireless components to spare the Intel processors. The recent iPhones are also provided with a coprocessor to certain sensors, such as the pedometer, to control and to allow for the "Hey Siri' function.

Apple New MacBooks with ARM Chip Later This Year

Apple would like to introduce later this year the new ARM chip in an upgraded version of the MacBook Pro, even though it probably is a minor update that is not presented during a special press event. It is expected that these new models are powered by the Intel Kaby Lake processors and support for 32GB memory.


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