iPhone 8: Curved OLED display is considered safe - USB-C connector as a surprise?

Apple is undertaking the development of a dedicated chip for AI processing. Apple has developed a new chip called "Apple Neural Engine" in the company code and seems to aim to install higher artificial intelligence functions such as face recognition and voice recognition on the terminal. At the moment, main processor and GPU are using this processing, but it is expected that processing capacity will be improved and low power consumption will be realized by installing dedicated chip separately.

Audio assistant function Siri has been installed in the Apple terminal since 2011. After that, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. have also recovered the difference from Apple, by developing audio assistant function using AI, Speaker terminals equipped with audio assistant functions such as Amazon's "Amazon Echo" and Google's "Google Home" have been released.

Although Apple, who first introduced the voice assistant function, became in a form to worship other companies due to the appearance of an excellent voice assistant later on, but by advancing the development of new chips, existing voice It seems that it is aiming to generate terminals exceeding the assistant function and further aim to utilize it for processing function of automatic driving car and extended reality (AR). Gene Munster, a former Apple analyst, says, "AI is required for the two areas Apple is looking for, AR, and AI is essential for the core part of automatic driving technology."

Apple is also expected to announce Siri-based speech recognition terminals at the event "WWDC 2017" to be held in June 2017.


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