орtісаl fingerprint ѕеnѕоr аnd fасіаl recognition іn iPhone 8

If Apple is to present the new iPhone in the course of the current year, the price tag for the first time could be a four-digit dollar amount. The flagship in the US currently costs 969 dollars.

In a recent report, Fast Company summarizes the statements of various sources for the coming iPhone 8 and starts with the price of Apple's new smartphone. Considering the current price for an iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB would be an upgrade of the price little surprising. Fast Company calls among other things the costs for the OLED display as reason for a price increase. In addition, the new model is to receive a further memory increase.

The votes collected by Fast Company are not completely agreed on the name of the OLED iPhone with 5.8 inch display. While iPhone 8 is considered to be very likely, some sources speak of "iPhone X".

Black monolith without mechanical buttons

The new iPhone is described as a black monolith with a smooth design. The frame around the smartphone is to be made of stainless steel, while the front and back are made of glass. As before, Apple continues to integrate the home button into the display. The mechanical buttons on the sides might also disappear and be replaced by flat, touch sensors integrated into the frame.

On the back should be the same dual camera system to be found, like the future iPhone 7s Plus, which is to follow with the 5.5 inch display the succession of the iPhone 7 Plus. For the camera at the front, Apple allegedly works together with Lumentum at a 3D recognition. How this feature is to be used concretely is unclear.

Fast Company also said that Apple is working with Lumentum to develop a 3D technology that secret. This function is not clear how that will be used, and used to do. Be it for security (face recognition) or camera (enhanced image quality), or use in virtual reality applications?

The battery in the iPhone 8 is supposed to grow compared to current iPhone models, but accurate figures are not yet known. As with the iPhone 7, the LTE chips are partly to be delivered by Qualcomm and Intel. This decision is supposed to have met Apple in January.

The latest rumors about an earlier production start of the iPhone 8 are not to be correct according to Fast Company. There is no indication for Apple's suppliers. The production for new iPhones usually begins in May and runs from August on high tours. The presentation of the new iPhone is expected next autumn.


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