no one is surprised by the fact that the main business of the company Apple -
is the production of smartphones, at least in recent times it is just. Recently
kupertinovtsy strimingovy service was launched Apple Music, after which many
have dared to suggest that the iPod's time to say goodbye. By the way, this is
the first successful consumer product Apple. Just the other day, thanks to a
fresh insider, it became known that these devices are not going anywhere. 
Apple Introduced 64-bit Processor iPod Touch

released new players iPod models to the market. It is noteworthy that the
update will affect absolutely all versions of multimedia devices - iPod Touch,
Shuffle and Nano. If you believe the source, the announcement of new products
should take place on July 14.
recent years, consumer interest in the iPod is significantly reduced, and it is
precisely these devices once made the company from Cupertino world famous. The
fact that most of our contemporaries do not see much point in buying a device,
the only capacity which is playing music. Afloat now hold except iPod Touch,
but only for the reason that it is the most budget-based gadget iOS. In
addition, quite a long time, many analysts predicted that sooner or later Apple
will close the whole line iPod because of their irrelevance.
insiders rush to refute these are not the most positive assumptions. According
to the French share, Apple is already ready to introduce the next generation
iPod Touch. The player will be held under the designation N102, although the
iPod Touch 5G passes under the designation N78. New models of iPod nano,
previously were held under the N31, will now be marked N31a, and iPod Shuffle
instead N12b receive designation N12d.
the highest possible confidence can be assumed that kupertinovtsy significantly
upgrade player, powered by a 4-inch touch screen, but change the other models
will be less significant. The most anticipated innovation that Apple may
introduce in iPod Touch 6G, a 64-bit processor. 

should be noted that the update iTunes to version 12.2, which was published the
next week and has got the support of Apple Music, surfaced some image files.
They were depicted iPod-s pink, dark blue and golden color. Currently, there
are no players of color are in the line of Apple, in addition, in previous
versions of iTunes, these graphic files have not been found, so it would be
foolish to count them accidentally forgotten old blanks. We can only wait and


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