Siri Loudspeakers in MacBook Pro Optics

Apple employees are expected to test the presumed Siri speakers in their own homes. A presentation at the WWDC would be possible.

Apple announced today the keynote for WWDC 2017. On June 5, we will learn about the future of iOS, watchOS and Co. It is also possible that Apple will introduce another OS this year - an OS for a smart loudspeaker with Siri on board. According to Bloomberg, this is already being tested by employees of the company - who use it in their own four walls.

Apple employees have been testing a device at home for several months.

Sounds like an advanced stage. Apple does not use WWDC anymore for hardware, but here I could imagine an exception. After all, the developers would have a bit of time to customize their apps for the new Siri gadget. A few days ago, Phil Schiller indicated the advantage of a display, however, whether Apple has installed a display here, is unclear.

While marketing chief Phil Schiller recently talked about the benefits of having a screen on a voice-activated device, it's not clear whether the Apple version is in fact have one.


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