Apple 1st Generation Watch Initially Extended One-Year Warranty for Replaces Defective Batteries

Although Apple's first-generation Apple Watch is no longer sold, the hardware is still provided with support from the manufacturer. This is indicated by a warranty extension that Apple has provided to Apple Store employees and authorized service partners. Batteries that are extended are repaired for a period of three years after purchase - with and without AppleCare.

Apple said it will continue to free repairs for the Apple Watch early involving faulty batteries for another year. Cause is the recent time many users complained about the battery of the Apple Watch after a period of use is swollen, leading to burst the screen.

This extends the warranty for this defect by two years. For owners of an Apple Watch with AppleCare does not change, since they already have a manufacturing guarantee of three years on the Apple Smartwatch. A battery that expands always indicates a defect and should be replaced regardless of the product.

Apple's battery life was not really new, last year Apple had a one-year warranty on the battery. So up to now, the Apple Watch battery bug will be repaired free of charge within 3 years (1 year standard + 2 years increase). In the meantime, there have been no reports of battery fires connected to the fire.


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