the new operating system iOS 9 supposed App Thinning come. In the AppStore,
there are many universal apps, which can be installed on the iPhone and iPad.
When installed on the iPad at the same time, the iPhone app will be downloaded
with. This is intended to stop. In order to save space on the device, in the
future, only that is suitable app for the iDevice installed. In addition, the proceeds
installation faster by equip.
Thinning is a feature of iOS 9. With the function which is to size of apps are
reduced. Due to a problem with the iCloud shifts Apple but unlocking the
function. A new launch date is so far out.
function should coincide with iOS 9 will be released. Because an iCloud bugs activation
shifts, however. When creating an iCloud backup are backed up on request to the
app files. So far so good. However, it comes at the transition to a new iPhone
or iPad generation.
 The App files are no longer identical,
and when importing the backup, it causes an error.
Result:  The backup is useless. This issue must now be
overcome. Once the issue is resolved by Apple, to app Thinning be unlocked.


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