has compared and tested in two articles current AMD and Nvidia graphics cards under SteamOS.
The first test checks the performance consistently in 1080p resolution, the
second report deals with the speed in Ultra-HD. The result is almost identical
in both reports: AMD’s Radeon cards cut much worse than Nvidia models, unlike
under Windows is a big gap between the offers of both manufacturers.
compared SteamOS 2.0 “Brewmaster”  of 26 June 2015 currently is the version
Brewmaster 2.4 of 19 October. Used for the AMD cards Phoronix the Catalyst of
September 2015, when Nvidia Geforce models to 352.30 by July. We tested only
games with integrated benchmarks or recorded demos, but no internally generated
Scores. The list includes Bioshock Infinite, Counter-Strike Global Offensive,
Metro 2033 Redux, Redux Metro Last Light and Team Fortress.
SteamOS Brewmaster
1080p values ​​are often CPU limited despite a Core i7-5960X, notwithstanding
this brake are the Nvidia cards but far in front. In many cases, even beats the
GeForce GTX 950 which loosely under Windows twice as fleet Radeon R9 Fury. In
Ultra-HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) it looks in Bioshock Infinite similarly
catastrophic, in the other games, the Fury is at least halfway to the Geforce
GTX 970 zoom or overtaken them. In Team Fortress 2, it is sufficient even for
the top spot, but not in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, also with the Source
Engine by Valve.
the current Linux performance of Radeon graphics cards is weak, but the
Windows-values ​​show that it is not on the hardware. Rather it is the Catalyst
driver, which lack appropriate optimization. That should be only with the
coming AMDGPU improve driver and the volcano graphics interface somewhat.


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