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In a high-resolution video to 4K resolution should one supposedly can detect three different versions of the iPhone 7 - two of which are with the larger 5.5-inch display equipped and are distinguished by their camera.

At the weekend appeared a video with three different iPhone 7 - a 4.7-inch iPhone with gold-colored body and two larger models with 5.5-inch widescreen, which are kept in silver and rose gold. One of them is equipped with a normal camera and the other with a dual camera.

Earlier there were rumors that Apple this time not two but three different versions will introduce the iPhone 7, including a plus and a Pro version, the latter will have the dual camera. Perhaps Apple has built simply because of the scarcity of Dual Camera Module prototypes with conventional camera. But we do not expect that there are three models.

However, the new 4K video shows a small difference between the already known recordings: Here the Smart connector is shown which was only built in the two iPad Pro to connect the keyboard to can.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that something cannot be right. Thanks to the high resolution, the model number of the alleged iPhone 7 can be detected - all bear the designation A1429. That would mean a iPhone 5 by Apple's naming scheme. These are mockups. Nevertheless, the creators have made great effort and all features integrated that are expected: A larger camera aperture and shifted antenna strips can be found. Even the projected elimination of the 3.5 mm jack into consideration. Instead, to adapters for old headphones are settled.



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