have a LinkedIn account but have not succeeded add many contacts to your
network? Some LinkedIn users only added to trusted contacts who know in real
life. Others however consider that a very large network it opens new
opportunities. In fact, having a large network of LinkedIn will help a lot if
you’re looking for work, if you’re a freelancer or work in a B2B company or a professional
12 Unveiled Tips To Get More Contacts On LinkedIn
you are also want to get more contacts on LinkedIn, pay attention to these
1. Complete your profile and add a real photo publicly.
Profiles without pictures arouse suspicion.
2. Create a signature for your email account with a
link to your LinkedIn profile. Do not forget to customize your URL first if you
have not already.
3. Always personalized invitations that you send to
potential contacts, to increase the chances of being accepted.
4. If you have a website or blog, include a link to
your LinkedIn profile.
5. Regularly share content that may be of interest to
the contacts that you already have now. If you like and share, increase your
options of receiving new contact invitations.
6. Comment on publications from other users.
7. Published long articles on LinkedIn.
8. Send comments on long articles published by other
LinkedIn users, especially if they are influential. Leave your comment here
increases the chances that your profile is visited and you add as a contact.
9. Carefully compose your profile to add keywords to
facilitate searches to be found by other LinkedIn users.
10. Groups involved in your sector or alumni of the
centers studied.
11. Be proactive : do not be afraid to send invitations
to other LinkedIn users that interest you, the worst that can happen is that
you do not answer. But remember not to do spam and you have to work the text of
the invitation.
12. Join groups LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) or add
several users LION to your network. LION is a user who accepts all invitations
you receive, regardless of whether you know the person who writes. To recognize
these users, looking for those that include the word LION in your name or
professional headline. Once you have a user LION in your network, you can
access your network and send invitations to people who interest you.
these 12 tips to increase your network … and start making LinkedIn networking!


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