Free internet access with limited supplies: Facebook founder
Mark Zuckerberg defended his initiative Free Basics in India. Opponents of the
initiative to criticize the lack of net neutrality.
Mark Zuckerberg wants to save the Facebook initiative Free
Basics on the subcontinent with an emotional appeal to the Indian public. The
free offer with some Internet services to about weather and education is as
important as public libraries and public schools, writes the Facebook founder
in an opinion article, which was published in the Indian newspaper TOI.
Save Net Neutrality Free Basics in India
With the platform Free Basics initiative users
have limited access to the Internet without having to pay for it – about to
Facebook, Whatsapp, grain prices, Wikipedia. The Indian telecom regulatory Trai
had the only telecom operators of Free Basics prompted to stop the offer for
the time being. Critics think the offer is contrary to the principle of net
neutrality, because Facebook’s choice of who should be accepted in the app.
Zuckerberg sees it differently: Because everyone can join in, it was very well
Mains neutral. Now Trai will look into the matter. 

Access to Jobs and Education

Free Basics could bring one billion people in India online,
writes Zuckerberg. “If people have access to the Internet, they also have
access to jobs, education, health care, communication.” In India, still
hundreds of millions of people live below the absolute poverty line, therefore
have less than 1.90 US dollars a day to live. For them, the data packets are
unaffordable for Internet access.
Facebook calls the people of India in double-page
advertisements in major English-language newspapers, on billboards and in
Facebook messages for days on this, to write Trai. The same make and activists
of the initiative Save the Internet (Save the Internet) – and who oppose Free
Basics: “We need you to tell Trai that any initiative that brings people
online, to grant them access to the entire Internet, without discrimination
“, they write.


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