“Every year, I take a personal challenge to learn new
things and grow outside of my work at Facebook,” Zuckerberg wrote.
“My challenges in recent years have been read two books each month, learn
Mandarin and meet someone new every day. My personal challenge for 2016 is to
build a simple artificial intelligence to help me manage my home and with my
job. You can think of something like Jarvis in Iron Man.”
Zuckerberg Next Challenge, Bring Jarvis in Real World

You can think of an artificial intelligence a bit ‘as Jarvis
in Iron Man, Zuckerberg wrote, recalling the Marvel Comics hero behind the mask
which is the imaginary billionaire Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. in the
movie Iron Man and The Avengers.

The CEO says that the creation of an artificial intelligence
to manage his personal and professional life will follow the philosophy taken
for 2016: to invent. Zuckerberg says he will teach his assistant to understand
his voice and follow basic commands such as check in house music, lights and
open the door to friends. At the same time, teach the system to monitor the
newborn daughter, Max, when he is not at his side:
“I’m going to start exploring what technology is already
out there. Then I will start to teach you understand my voice and control
everything in our house – the music, the lights, temperature, and so on. I will
teach to let in friends home reading their faces when they sound the bell. I
will teach to let me know if something is going on in the room of Max that I
need to check when they are not with her. On the professional front, it helps
you display data in VR [Realta ‘Alerts ] to help me build better services and
manage my business more effectively. “
Every challenge has a theme, and this year’s theme is
“inventing” for Zuckerberg.
“On Facebook, I spent a lot of time working with
engineers to build new things. Some of the most rewarding jobs involve getting
deep into the details of technical projects. I do so with Internet.org when
discussing the physics of aircraft construction and solar power satellites for internet
access on the ground. I do so with Oculus when we get to handle the details of
the controller or the software that we are planning. I do so with Messenger
when we discuss our artificial intelligence to answer any question you have. But
it is a different bonus builds something on their own, so this year my personal
challenge is this. “
And Zuckerberg concludes by saying that “I can not wait
to share what I have learned during the year.”


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