YouTube Red
is the premium model for the video streaming portal of the house of Google. The
questionable model ensures, among other things for advertising freedom, more
features and benefits at a glance.
Behind the
rather misplaced name “YouTube Red” hides a – at first for the United
States – questionable premium model. The YouTube users can purchase this
package for $ 9.99 a month, added there is the music streaming service Google
Play Music. Users have the ability to download videos (Keyword: Offline
availability) with YouTube Red and also advertising is no longer displayed. As
a special “treat” is on top of that exclusive content from / to known
YouTubers. For a format the Maker Studios (YouTube network) and the creators of
“The Walking Dead” have joined forces.
YouTube Red

YouTube Red
– A Mafia System for Top Video Makers

The paid
service is something wrong from beginning to end not to a each user also has
access to Google Play Music (value:. $ 7.99 / month) and then to the remaining
two dollar worries for a decent payment on YouTube?
Now, you say
you determined that there may be no matter the YouTubers yet. False! “The
Godfather” would be proud of this system. The YouTuber have no choice but
to participate in YouTube Red, because otherwise there are drastic consequences
– the YouTuber also be removed on the ad-supported version of the public view.
As a result, the number of clicks and thus also the advertising revenue will
drop dramatically.


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