Your websites or blogs can
have much better rankings in 2015.Google penguin 3.0 update released on Oct
2014, awestruck "very delicate" this gives impact to the sites that
are brutal hunt backlinks, because of many site owners are penalized in the
previous panda update has not been recovered. Because they usually lazy to make
a quality article backlinks. Google penguin 3.0 helps sites recover from
previous Penguin updates that fixed their link profile. For those sites that
are down position even get punished deletion, it could be due as a result of
the penguin 3.0 algorithm update.

Google Penguin 3.0 Update

Perhaps the problem
considered only quality backlinks from sites of high PageRank only. So
that bombard high PR site with comments or keywords stuffing through the
article (including the threat on the forum). If you are active on a forum
sites by making comments or suggestions as much as possible, it could be
potentially large penalties Google’s penguin algorithm. So if you leave a
link to comment as much on high PR blog also has the potential to be punished
this algorithm. If you want quality, PR can also be considered as long as
the quality of other blogs shaped with anchor text article is not "actual
keywords" and impressed by the blog owner who gave backlink awareness. 

Finally, if you want to be
safe from the punishment Google penguin algorithm will always do an update in
the future, pay attention to how your link building, that is natural and safe.
use BlackHat SEO techniques to get top ranks in Google with having Low Quality
content. Google should eat that spam backlink method to high PR.


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