Lately I’ve seen a few
courses and bloggers posts mention in day and another also, the term of the
“Site Material”
Along with the word “QQ
strategy (quality & quantity)” content became fashionable terms.
So a lot of parrot twirled
to speak:
“Create a website /
blog relevant rank on Google and start earning money as affiliate marketing.”
But as in the mantra
“create quality content that Google does the rest,” I have seen on
the big network is a small distortion in the concept of relevance of a site.
We show that only quality
content will not take your project to the top positions in Google searches.
What about the relevance
of a site, they are creating a mystique that we should have a website / blog
with many articles (content) to do so. And have a blog with 200 articles is not
synonymous with relevance.
By the way, also use this
parameter to have gazillion articles to say that a website is an authority on
the subject, of course other impropriety.
 Your Website is Contingent To Google Eyes?
In this short article, I
will show you how you can leave your most relevant in Google’s eyes and in the
end the site will show you how I benefited when changing an entire (small)
project, thus achieving more visitors and more income.
You’re already bald to
know that search engines want to deliver the best content to users when we
perform a particular query, and some factors, not to say many, are taken into
consideration. But one of the main factors currently is how Google sees your
site when you make your times of visits to time.
In a typical site that
niche you see the blogger talking about tips to make money, take advantage and
talk about digital marketing, writes about seo, not satisfied he also talks
about how to create blogs, as he is very good, also talks about influence and
coaching and the subject list is only growing.
So these great visits G,
the little robot goes crazy and wondering.
– What is it about this
site? What is the main issue? To which type of search can deliver that content?
This is how Google will
see your site without being expert in anything. A jumble of different subjects
without connection between them.
If you are doing it as one
of those internet marketers, apex and very lucky you will get position from
time to time an article or another in the top positions of SERPs. But the big G
will not see your project as an expert on a subject, and then your site does
not have any relevance. And as most relevant new projects are appearing, their
content that perhaps is well positioned will lose positions in the SERPs.
Ok, I Got It. So How Leave
My Site Relevant?
You have to leave your
fully consistent design with the theme, and a good theming is achieved by
following this little script:
  • A good research of
  • Quality content and
    focused on the design theme
  • Internal link structure
  • On page optimization (see
    our guide The Periodic Table Of On Page SEO)

The next step would be the
choice of keywords (major and minor), I assume you already know how to perform
this keywords research, so I will not get into that here.
The next step would be to
think about the structure of the site, in my case would create a static
homepage, here’s why my choice and write a super article with my main keyword.
And create categories to
complement the main subject, such that:
  • SEO
  • Analysis
  • Sitemap
  • Webmaster etc.

Each category would be
created and would like page 5-10 quality articles and interconnected in the
same silo as support. The category would be created as a page containing a
description of what readers will find that silo. The articles are supporting
and are linked between them, each silo article would have a link to the main silo
page, and this link should preferably be at the beginning of the article thus
strengthening the silo within the proposed theme.
While you create links
between the same subject content, you are also strengthening the generic keyword,
which are typically the most competitive.
Generally, we assign the
more generic keywords the main pages of the silo and create items with the long tail keywords.
Thus when visiting our
website Google would fully aware of the theme of our project, he will see that
we are talking about barbecue and a chance to succeed occupy the first
positions of Google will be much higher than a website that talks all a rather,
beyond the barbecue matter.
Definitely get that first
place would not be so difficult, with a project developed with the strategy
shown here, with quality content and videos in style “how to”, and a
small campaign of link building, fatally would reach the first in searches.
To recap
Leave your most important
site is no big deal, just create our project with thematic and organized
sections. As I have been talking sometimes not fall into the bullshit that only
the creation of quality content will be enough for you to reach the first
positions of Google, that’s what they want you to believe.
Google uses more than 200
factors in time to rank a page in their searches, including quality content,
not just him.
Follow the small road map
presented in this article and you will see considerable improvement in your
The foundations of a
successful blog starts with a good search key words, do not neglect this part.
When deciding your niche market to invest whatever time is necessary in this
When choosing your
keywords, set the primary and secondary choice about 5 to be their categories.

Write quality content, use
YouTube videos and make a coherent internal linking, always remembering the
rule mentioned above.


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