Attentive readers know our side is that Microsoft
has started a pilot project with Xiaomi to  install Windows 10 on a Mobile Xiaomi Mi 4 Android Smartphone (flash). Apparently the development is so advanced that Xiaomi now
is targeting an official launch of Windows 10 Mobile ROM on 3rd December. The
Windows Mobile 10 ROM will initially only work on the Xiaomi Mi 4 LTE version.
Xiaomi Release Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Android Version MI4

For sale is the middle class Android device
(Snapdragon 801, 3GB Ram, 16 GB of memory), however in Germany (yet).
Interested parties can leave the unit supply in England without further ado.
The test run puts beyond doubt the foundation
for a port of Windows Mobile on Android smartphones 10 other manufacturers.
Many community members want a Sony or HTC with Windows 10 Mobile. Here one
could fight the OEM “laziness” effectively.

Meanwhile, a crowdfunding project is another
thrilling way: Full-fledged Windows 10 on the Smartphone.


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