The publication of the large fall update has
known postponed. Instead of 2 November is the expected, also known as Threshold
2 update appear only in the coming week. One reason may be that Microsoft still
wanted to fix some bugs. This is at least suggested the release of Windows 10
Insider Preview Build 10586, which now has the “Fast Ring” to all
participants of Windows comes Insider program.
With Build 10586 are according to information
from Microsoft solved mainly bugs. There are also some minor improvements. In
internal tester circuit, so Microsoft, they are very satisfied with the new
build, because it runs very fast and flowing. The external tester may now get
an idea itself.
Insider Preview Build 10586 Fixes Many Bugs

Fixed example, a bug that occurred in
conjunction with apps that provide sounds. The bug caused by the on-screen
notification for a strong reduction in the playback volume. Owner of a Surface
Pro 3 can now put it into sleep mode by pressing and holding the power button
for a few seconds the unit. So far, that has Surface Pro 3 is always switched
off immediately.
For devices with smaller displays, such as
the Dell Venue 8 Pro, the Windows 10- have developers fixed a bug that resulted
in severe blue screen crashes. Is also improved the download of apps and games
via the Microsoft Store.

Old bugs fixed, new bugs added

When changing to the new version, it can also
lead to problems. So could be lost all Skype messages and contacts. Microsoft
recommends in such cases, the deletion of “PrivatTrasportID” file in
the folder
C: Users <username> AppData
Local Packages Microsoft.Messaging_8wekyb3d8bbwe LocalCache
After another log into Skype all content
should be back.
If after the change to build 10586 is no
longer present, the insider Hub app, then it can be added again manually via
the system settings and “Apps & Functions”.


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