Microsoft has released
for download on Thursday the Windows 10 Preview SDK build 14332. With this kit
for software development, or SDK, developers can create new applications for
the Windows Devices.
According to
Microsoft’s announcement, the Windows 10 Preview SDK build 14332 brings fixes
for multiple bugs and some changes in support for APIs.
Windows 10 Sdk Build 14332
In its announcement
Microsoft also warned that developers using the Desktop App Converter Preview
(Centennial Project) to convert software for Universal Platform Windows does
not install the Windows 10 build 14322 and the Windows 10 SDK Preview build
14332. A bug that is already being investigated prevents the execution of this
Developers can download
the Windows 10 Preview SDK build 14332 and additional tools from
Windows 10 build 14332
for PCs and smartphones was made ​​available to participants in the Windows
Insider Program on April 26. Among the new features in this build are
improvements in Bash and at the command prompt.
In the case of Bash,
the problem that caused the apt-get command could not be used properly it has
been fixed. For those who use the command prompt, the improvements are designed
to provide a better experience on PCs with monitors with high rate of DPI.
The Cortana has also
been updated and can now search for content in Office 365, including emails,
contacts and files in onedrive for Business and SharePoint.
To make use of this
integration, add your Office 365 account to Connected Accounts section of the
Notebook Cortana. When you do a search, select the appropriate filters for the
Office 365 content is displayed. 

Users who download the
Windows 10 build 14332 will also notice improvements in battery usage on PCs
that use the Connected Standby feature. To see if your PC is using the Connected
Standby feature, open the command prompt as administrator and run the command
powercfg / a.


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