The universal contacts app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile has received an update on the “Build 3351” A changelog has
been, as usual, not published, although it would have been more than appropriate
in this case. Because the update integrates Microsoft’s group chat service GroupMe in the Contacts hub.
Windows 10 Mobile Gets GroupMe Contacts App Integration

In June this year, the “rooms” were finally
“dead” declared after they actually already in March should have
disappear. Microsoft but granted them a reprieve. A sensible alternative that
time there was not yet, although Microsoft has indicated that with Windows 10 Mobile  was yet to come what. Officials usually GroupMe was offered as a
substitute for the rooms. But the app, which is one of Skype was not really
better than the usual Messenger.

Since today we know that has been behind the closed doors of
the rooms actually done something. Microsoft has namely GroupMe integrated into
the People app, bringing some well-known features of the rooms can be used
again, with the difference that GroupMe is also available for other platforms.


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