The new Windows 10
Insider build 14328 contains some innovations, which were announced on the
Build developer conference. Resulted in extensive support for a stylus with
Windows Workspace Ink devices and gets the start menu new opportunities.
Windows 10 Insider Build 14328 Support Stylus Start Menu With Workspace Ink: In Build 14328 is
enabled by default on the Workspace Ink devices that are to be used in
conjunction with a stylus, including the Surface Book. On other devices to
access it via a right-click on the taskbar, then choose the option to display
the Ink Workspace. The area which can be drawn on a whiteboard and a user may
create notes, for example. 
Windows 10 Insider Build 14328 Support Stylus Start Menu With Workspace Ink

The innovations in the
start menu imply that the display of the most commonly used apps combined with
the appearance of all the apps, making scrolling and clicking should be
reduced. Also, the icons such as settings and disable moved to the left side of
the Start menu so that they are always visible. Also be manually added the menu
folders visible immediately, without having to open up a separate window.
In tablet mode,
Microsoft requested by many Windows Insiders ensured that the display of
"all apps" occupies the entire screen. In addition, to hide it
possible to automatically taskbar in this mode. Cortana will also receive some
improvements. For example, the virtual assistant is available from the
lockscreen and they can create memories by means of photographs. In addition,
the improved integration with mobile devices. A Dutch Cortana is admittedly
still far away, but the English version should be available in the summer along
with other improvements in the UK as part of the Anniversary Update. 

Finally, the
notification center will have a separate position on the taskbar and
appointments in the new build integrated into the calendar. In addition, at the
request of many gamers from today to see a clock on all toolbars, in the case
that use is made of multiple screens.


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